Class Descriptions

Creative Movement
Ages 4 & 5

45 minute class focusing on basic dance concepts, steps, and patterns along with locomotive and rhythm skills.

Combination Classes
Ages 5 & 6

One hour class consisting of half hour Ballet and half hour Tap. This class focuses on the fundamentals and allows students to experience both disciplines.

Ages 7 & up

45 minute or one hour class depending on age and level. Traditional Ballet class including Barre exercises and center floor combinations to enhance technique, posture and dynamics

Ages 7 & up

Half hour class including warm up exercises and Tap combinations with a focus on good tap technique, quality of sound and rhythm.

Ages 10 & up

45 minute class including warm up, across the floor exercises and center floor combinations. This class is great exercise and upbeat while still working on good jazz technique and covering a variety of styles of Jazz Dance.

Hip Hop
Ages 14 & up

45 minute class including warm up, across the floor exercises, and combinations accompanied by popular Hip Hop music. This class helps develop good coordination and rhythm (does not involve break dancing).