Our Philosophy

At Wempners' School of Dance, we pride ourselves on the discipline of technique we teach in our classes. This gives the student the opportunity to discover the Art of the Dance. The discipline and focus of technique training offers many benefits, such as body conditioning, increased focus, concentration and memory, musicality, self-expression, and, of course, self-confidence.

That being said, we also believe that the benefits of dance should be available to everyone. But not everybody advances at the same rate. Take, for example, a runner in training compared to a more casual runner. They both enjoy running, but they have very different methods. The athlete in training will never win a medal running once a week. There is only one way to accomplish his goals, and that's by hitting the track (or in our case, the dance studio) hard everyday. The casual runner is very happy and enjoys the good workout he receives on his weekly run. This is the same for dancing. There are those who enjoy dancing on a more casual level, and others that desire a more intense training. Both enjoy dancing. They just have different goals and ambitions.

Because we believe Dance should be enjoyed by Everyone, we are revising our class levels and requirements to better serve all our students. This change requires us to throw out the idea that all children must advance at exactly the same pace as their peers. Dance is a Discipline built on a progressive syllabus of technique, terminology and musicality. Therefore, as expected, students will accomplish these progressions at various rates. We as teachers and parents need to give them time, support and encouragement to achieve the requirements at each level of progression in order for them to succeed and enjoy their dance experience.

This NEW class curriculum will require students ages 7 and up to advance in levels based on their achievements, not their age or how long they have been dancing. This year will serve as a transition year in which students will be evaluated at the end of the year and placed in appropriate levels for the following year.